ANC can no longer control Malema - AZAPO

The ANCYL president has grown larger than the mother party

ANC must act swiftly on Julius Malema

The Azanian People's Organization (AZAPO) is puzzled by the quick response offered by the African National Congress (ANC), regarding the statement made by the president of its youth wing, Julius Malema, about Botswana's regime change. In as much as we agree with the ANC that no country, organ of any state, or structure within any country should engage, or contemplate engaging in regime change (in another country).

We have seen effects of regime change in many countries in the world, including Afghanistan, Iraq and Ivory Coast. In the main, in these countries, regime change by foreign agents not only destabilize the country and its economy, but leads to sustained illegitimacy of the'‘sponsored' regime - notwithstanding the fact that people might have been allowed to vote (normally under media controlled conditions).

With the situation in Botswana, where there is a democratically elected government, it is sad that even the three main opposition parties, the Botswana National Front (BNF), the Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) and the Botswana Congress Party (BMD), are tantalized by the idea of toppling their democratic government through efforts by outside influences.

What puzzles AZAPO is the fact that Malema in the past has made many statements that were not only demeaning, but politically detrimental to the characters of those he insulted. Many within his party, including Naledi Pandor, Thabo Mbeki, Zwelinzima Vavi and Blade Nzimande, to mention by a few, have suffered under his bad mouth, yet the ANC failed to rein. We think this is so because the ANC has created this beast called Malema, and allowed it to grow out of control.

In our view, sometimes ANC does not seem to know whether Malema is ANC Youth League leader, ANC leader or a government official. That is why they once thought he should have government paid body guards. Sometimes they thought he is the best person to monitor the performance of government officials. This beast, Malema, has growth to be larger than the ANC, thus we really do not think the ANC will act on his silly statement.

They never acted when he was reported to have benefited from tenders in Limpopo, never acted when he insulted many of the people in and outside the ANC (including Bishop Tutu and leader of the official opposition). When the news about his trust were released, ANC treaded cautiously to the point of not acting, not that we think there is anything untoward  on his trust, unless and until investigating agencies tell us otherwise, yet we think ANC should have acted.

We believe the people of Botswana must oppose this ‘imperialist style' of changing governments. Botswana Democratic Party through African Union (AU) must take offence to this and must demand a statement from South African government, distancing its self from this diabolical vitriolic call by Malema and the ANCYL.

Statement issued by AZAPO Communications Division, August 4 2011

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