ANC conflicted by Maloma Colliery interests - ID

Lance Greyling says political interests are intertwined with current energy policy

SUBJECT:  ID Condemns Blatant Conflict of Interest in Maloma Colliery:
Political Interests are Locking us into a Coal Based Energy Future

Independent Democrats Chief Whip and Spokesperson on Energy, Mr Lance Greyling MP, has condemned the latest revelation that Mandela's grandson has interests along with Chancellor House in the recently acquired Maloma coal Colliery in Swaziland.

"The ID has already condemned Chancellor House's ownership of the colliery when it was revealed earlier in the year. In a statement at the time, 25 May 2010,  the ID stated that ‘This latest deal shows that the ANC are not only content to profit off the misery of ordinary South African through the exorbitant electricity price increases but they are also prepared to make money by investing in an authoritarian regime'."

"This latest revelation, however, reveals the extent to which political interests are intimately tied up with South Africa pursuing a coal fired energy future. The ANC through Chancellor House now has an enormous profit stake in ensuring that South Africa remains committed to coal fired energy generation through both its shareholding in Hitachi Power Africa and through the Maloma Colliery," states Greyling.

"The fact that Mandela's son in law now also has a stake in such a coal company
compounds the major conflicts of interests in this sector. We have seen too many examples of where political conflicts of interests in the minerals sector in South Africa has subverted the public good."

Greyling says the Aurora Empowerment Systems ownership of the Grootvlei Mine is "a prime example of how political connections can lead to a disastrous outcome" for human rights and the environment.

"The ID therefore calls upon the ANC to finally do the right thing and force Chancellor House to disinvest in all companies that could do business with the State. The ID also calls on the government to finally allow for the extradition of Mandela's son in law to the United States so that he can finally face the charges against him," Greyling says.

Statement issued by Lance Greyling, Independent Democrats, November 14 2010

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