ANC not telling the truth about Midvaal - James Lorimer

DA MP says ruling party has bussed in supporters to register in municipality

Midvaal: ANC not telling the truth

The ANC in Gauteng says it is trying to take over Midvaal "democratically and fairly".

This is not true. What it is has done is bus in people from outside Midvaal and register them under false addresses, creating "ghost voters".

But don't take the DA's word for it. E-TV visited the areas in question, spoke to the residents, and witnessed the vacant lots of land where - according to the voters roll - people were supposed to be living.

See for yourself by viewing the news clip below.

Under the DA, service delivery to all citizens in Midvaal has been outstanding. This was confirmed by Gauteng's ANC-controlled provincial government, which found Midvaal to be the best run municipality in the province.

It stands apart from the maladministration, poor infrastructure, lack of delivery and corruption that seems to define almost every municipality under the ANC's control.

On 18 May, those people who are legally registered to vote will decide who should control Midvaal. The ANC's desperation suggests it knows it has a problem. And it's a big one. The people of Midvaal don't want what the ANC has to deliver, because all it delivers is mismanagement.

They want the continued excellent service delivery that DA government has always provided.

Statement by James Lorimer MP, DA Shadow Minister of Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs, March 15 2011

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