ANC welcomes Zuma's move to strengthen govt

Party commits itself to work with an support new Executive

ANC Statement on Cabinet Reshuffle

The African National Congress has noted the changes made by President Jacob Zuma to the composition of the National Executive today, 9th July 2013. We welcome the initiatives taken by the President to strengthen the functioning and capacity of government and hope that these changes will provide greater impetus to government delivery as we advance towards 20 years of democratic governance in 2014.

The ANC conveys its gratitude to the outgoing Ministers and Deputy Ministers who have served our people diligently during their term. We further welcome the appointment of Minister Lechesa Tsenoli, Minister Connie September and Minister Yunus Carrim as new members of Government's National Executive, together with Ministers Ben Martins and Dipuo Peters and other members of the Cabinet, we trust that they will lead with dedication and commitment to create a better life for all our people. We congratulate the new Deputy Ministers, Comrades Andries Nel, Michael Masutha, John Jeffery and Pamela Tshwete on their appointments

The ANC commits itself to work with and support the new Executive in the execution of its duties and has no doubt that the new incumbents possess the requisite capacity and credentials required to lead and direct government machinery in the pursuit of a united, non-racial, non-sexist, democratic and prosperous society.

Statement issued by Jackson Mthembu, ANC National Spokesperson, July 9 2013

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