Attack on Marius Fransman in Oudtshoorn barbaric - ANC Cape Town

Xolani Sotashe condemns those who resort to violence and intimidation

Attack on Provincial Chairperson of the ANC

I read with dismay and disbelief the news of the attack on (Western Cape) Provincial Chairperson of the ANC Marius Fransman by a group of people from Oudtshoorn (see BDLive report). No amount of excuse can justify this barbaric action. This is a direct assault to the ANC itself and we will never accept this kind of behaviour.

We condemn those who resort to violence and intimidation to achieve political objectives as enemies of the ANC. Former Provincial chairperson Mcebisi Skwatsha and Dullah Omar REC member Thembelani Sakathi went through the same situation in the full view of community members. We cannot accept that leadership of the ANC be subjected to insults, attacks and assaults.

These barbaric acts can never be accepted by and acceptable to the ANC, a party that liberated South Africa from colonial bondages. A thorough investigation must be undertaken immediately and those found within the organization to have been implicated must be flushed out of the ANC.

The provincial leadership of the ANC must move swiftly to deal with ill-discipline. Mangaung conference has directed all structures of the movement to root out ill-discipline within its ranks. We are calling upon all disciplined members of the ANC to condemn and help the ANC to identify these hooligans.

Statement issued by Xolani Sotashe, ANC Chairperson of the Dullah Omar Region (Cape metro area), May 2 2013

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