AZAPO condemns ANCYL's WCape ungovernability threat

Thole Somdaka says the silence of the ANC leadership in the province is telling

AZAPO's statement on the ANCYL threats in the Western Cape

The Azanian People's Organisation (AZAPO) strongly condemns the plans by the youth of the ANC to vandalise the public property, and render the city and the province ungovernable. AZAPO believes that when the City is rendered ungovernable, it is its ordinary citizens who are going to suffer. For 18 years, the ANC has been building hokkies/shacks for our people and their youth never protested.

And the silence from the ANC provincial leadership suggests that they are in accomplice in the crime of blocking citizens from receiving services. This raises questions about ANC's seriousness on the observance of rule of law and protection of democracy in this country. While we agree that DA, as is ANC, is not committed to social cohesion, we believe the actions of ANC youth league are both mischievous and criminal.

However, in AZAPO this does not come as a surprise, threatening people is in fact part of the ANC culture; it has a long history of bullying. It can do whatever at its disposal to get into power. For a party that prides itself as the champion of democracy with a history of 100 years, the ANC is a disgrace in this country. This party (ANC) does not only violate constitutions - it uses it to grab power through 'scare-tactics', intimidation and criminality.

This party, over the years, has shown high level of political intolerance towards other parties even to other former liberation movements. This history is still repeated in many parts where ANC rules. In many places members of the ANC kill each other. The fact that they have not killed any member of DA yet does not mean they are not going to. Historically, ANC threatened and intimidated any party that competed with it for ideas, programmes or membership. Today, ANC projects itself as the only flag bearer for truth, freedom, democracy, and the rule of law, while it continues to be a menace to democracy and freedom of our people.

As AZAPO we call on law enforcement agencies in the provinces to act swiftly against these acts of hooliganism and bring all the perpetrators into book.We further call on the national government in coming down the now intimidated citizens in the affected areas of the ANC; otherwise criminals of all particular origins may abuse the situation in pursuing their own acts of criminality.

Statement issued by Thole Somdaka, Department of Publicity and Information Desk of AZAPO, August 7 2012

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