COPE confirms Dandala's candidacy

Statement issued by the Congress National Committee February 23 2009

Statement of the CNC of the Congress of the People

The COPE CNC today finalised the process of the selection of its candidate for the position of President of the Republic of South Africa. Dr Mvume Dandala, an experienced leader of the church and civil society and a member of COPE is that candidate. This process had begun with nominations from the various branches of COPE and was conducted by the independent commission chaired by Dr Barney Pityana.

In selecting Dr Dandala as the candidate, the leadership of COPE is affirming its desire to bring men and women to the organisation and to lead by ensuring we strengthen the leadership collective that was selected by the Inaugural Congress of COPE in December 2008.

The CNC affirmed that President Mosiuoa Lekota remains the President of COPE and the face of the organisation. He and the Deputy Presidents, Mbhazima Shilowa and Lynda Odendaal will be central to the election campaign and to building the party thereafter.

The meeting is still discussing the nominations for the Premier candidates as well as other representatives for provincial and national legislatures and this will be finalised by no later than Thursday this week.

Accepting his nomination at a press conference convened to introduce him formally to members of the media and the public Dr Dandala said he is humbled to be given this responsibility and indicated what is expected to be his rallying call for the election he punctuated his speech with the refrain: ‘The time has come for change, the time has come for hope", resonating with the message of cope for the election - ‘A new Agenda for Change and for Hope all.'

Statement issued by the Congress of the People, Johannesburg, February 23 2009

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