COPE's audit of Limpopo textbook deliveries

Ravhuanzwo Tshilidzi says books didn't arrive, or the wrong ones were delivered

Another deadline to deliver text books to schools fails

If it was in other democracies of the world, both the Minister (Angie Motshekga) and the MEC (Mr. Dickson Masemola) of Education would have voluntarily resigned from their positions for having had failed to politically lead the education portfolio with distinction. They would not wait for non government organisations (NGOs), political formations from the opposition, civic organisations and unions to make a call for their resignations. Despite these calls, these political leaders are not willing and ready to do the most honourable thing after failing the people of Limpopo and the country as a whole.

By 18h00, this evening, 27 June 2012, many schools had not received their text books. The Minister has failed to honour her own deadline of 27 June 2012 mid-night after. Some principals and teachers that were requested to make their contact details available, with the provision that they will be called a day before a delivery is to be made, had not been contacted by the officials of the department. Other confirmed reports indicate that those who were notified of deliveries today had since left for their respective homes after spending most of the day waiting at schools without deliveries being made. Hope has now deserted them.

Some schools in Mvundi, and Levuvhu circuits of Vhembe Region have only received text books for TshiVenda, English, Life and Natural Sciences. The supplied text books are not even enough to cover the learners of the affected grade as the department has not provided according to the statistics supplied by the schools. In the Zoutpansberg circuit, majority of the schools have not received any text books. One secondary schools received text books for Economics, Mathematics Literacy, English and Geography (but it is not what the school ordered) and are not enough to cover the number of learners in the affected grade.

Most of the schools in the Maleboho east, central and west circuits and other circuits of the Senwabarwana (previously Bochum) have not received a single delivery by 18h00 this evening. Other areas affected by non delivery of text books are: Moutse east, Moutse central, Motetema central, of Capricorn Region, some of in the Waterberg regions,   

Wrong text books supplied

Some schools in Capricorn Region, Bahlaloga Circuit, have received books that never ordered. This is very common in almost all the regions that schools do receive what they have not ordered.


There is also a tendency to supply text books for its own sake in that shortages are experienced in many learning areas. It seems the department is just complying with the court order and its own set deadlines without regard to correctness of the supplies.

The Minister and the MEC are just going through the emotions and not committed to make our schools become places of excellence. One school in Bahlaloga Circuit in Capricorn only received text books in Mathematics and Natural Science (Physical Science) on Monday, 27 June 2012. What is to happen to those learners that are not covered? What type of results will the schools produce at the end of the year? Our education has been found to be one of the weakest in world and now the elected politicians are contributing negatively in its development.

It is not enough for the Minister and the MEC to continue to give the public excuses that do not assist in solving the problem. It is also becoming very clear that the Minister is disingenuous and very economic with the truth kin her dealings with the learners, teachers and the general public. When asked by Vuyo on Morning Live program whether there was nothing that could have been urgently triggered to solve the problem, the minister continued to refer to government procedures that are too laborious without respond to the question asked. Indeed government has systems to deal with emergencies and this is one of such cases. This was one way to show incompetence by the minister. It is no surprise that there are allegations of her link to a company called EduSolutions and this chaos clearly shows existence of such possibility.

The leadership of the ruling party, mostly ministers and MECs, are sitting at Gallagher Estate debating the future of this country and yet the house is on fire in Limpopo. President Zuma must act now otherwise as head of this administration he can be held liable for the failure of many learners in this province. He must relieve Premier Cassel Mathale, MEC Dickson Masemola and Minister Angie Motshekga of their responsibility if the credibility of his government is to be restored. This government has now "Mr and Mrs Promise" as the national party used to have in the then Minister Mr. Koorenhof in the old dispensation.

How long should we continue to wait? The government is in contempt of court and what else should be done if President Zuma does not intervene? He must show leadership.

Statement issued by Ravhuanzwo Tshilidzi MPL, COPE Whip in the Limpopo legislature and COPEWM chairperson, June 27 2012

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