DA march to COSATU House provocative - ANC

Party calls on opposition to desist from planned action


The decision by the Democratic Alliance (DA) to march to the offices of the Congress of the South African Trade Unions (COSATU) is ill-informed, opportunistic and not adding value to the debate about Labour Brokers and the Youth Wage Subsidy.

This action by the DA is not only confrontational but is extremely provocative.

The ANC would like to request the DA to desist from marching to COSATU House, as this will heighten unnecessary tension.

If the DA has any view regarding the issues of Labour Brokers and Youth Wage Subsidy, our contention is that they must engage with COSATU, rather than being confrontational and provocative.

We would like to remind the DA that COSATU is not a public service institution, but it is a private workers federation. It therefore boggles the mind, why the DA would march to a private institution that has no legal authority with regard to the implementation of government policy and policy direction.

It is our contention that as much as the DA has a particular view on Labour Brokers and the Youth Wage subsidy; COSATU, equally has a right to express its view around these matters.

The only way in our view that any of the parties can influence one another and even influence government around these matters is through meaningful engagement.

Statement issued by Jackson Mthembu, African National Congress national spokesperson, May 14 2012

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