DA siding with ANC and Malema - Pieter Groenewald

FF+ MP says party's criticism of the Lamont judgment was deplorable

Member Statement in Parliament by Mr. Pieter Groenewald MP, Freedom Front Plus, September 20 2011

The FF Plus welcomes judge Collin Lamont's decision that the words "Shoot the Boer" as sung by Julius Malema in the song "Dubul ‘Ibhunu" constitutes hate speech and is now prohibited.

The FF Plus hopes that this is the first step in the direction of getting South Africa out of the swamp of hate speech and racism which has become worse this past year. The contrast between the Mandela approach after 1994 and the Malema approach the past year, shouted out for an adjustment. Hopefully this judgment is the first step, of many which still has to be taken, to the recovery of the balance and the promotion of good relationships between all groups in South Africa.

In this regard the judge's decision is a serious charge against the ANC which allowed this case to get out of hand and developed so far before a correction was been made from outside the ANC. It is also deplorable that the DA says that the judgement is wrong and that the prohibiting of the singing of the song infringes on the freedom of speech and should be allowed. It is as deplorable as the ANC now wanting to call on the Constitutional Court. In this regard the DA is siding with the ANC and Julius Malema.

We also welcome the judge's reference to minorities which are at the mercy of the majority and have no choice but to call on the courts for the correction of such an injustice and discrimination against them.

In a democracy such as in South Africa, with its past, it has to be accepted that certain sacrifices will have to be made from all sides in order to ensure that the future is built on reciprocal respect for each other's traditions but also feelings.

Issued by the FF Plus, September 20 2011

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