Ellen Tshabalala faces suspension - Gavin Davis

DA MPL says communications committee has recommended that SABC chairperson step aside pending inquiry into her CV

SABC Chairperson faces suspension

16 September 2014

The Portfolio Committee of Communications today resolved to recommend that the Chairperson of the SABC, Ellen Tshabalala, be suspended with immediate effect. This follows the announcement last week of a formal Parliamentary Inquiry into whether or not Ms Tshababala misled Parliament about her qualifications. 

The Inquiry, requested by the DA on 14 July 2014, is due to begin on Thursday 25 September.

It was agreed this morning that the Committee would table a motion in the House tomorrow that would recommend to President Zuma that Ms Tshabalala be suspended. The President is empowered in law to appoint, remove or suspend SABC Board Members on the recommendation of Parliament.

The Committee agreed that suspension was appropriate in this case given the prima facie evidence that Ms Tshabalala was untruthful about having a B Com and diploma in labour relations when she applied to be an SABC Board Member. The possibility that Ms Tshabalala could use her position to foment further disunity amongst Board Members was also cited as a reason for her to be suspended pending the outcome of the Inquiry.

The unanimity of committee members in this matter is a welcome development in a Parliament often characterized by partisanship and petty politicking. The DA looks forward to the speedy resolution of this issue in the interests of bringing stability to the public broadcaster.

Statement issued by Gavin Davis MP, DA Shadow Minister of Communications, September 16 2014

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