Ellen Tshabalala lied - SACP

Party says parliamentary inquiry has revealed the truth for all to see

"SABC Board Chairperson lied", inquiry finds

The South African Communist Party (SACP) notes the outcome of the Parliamentary inquiry into whether the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) Chairperson, Ms Ellen Tshabalala, misled the country about having qualifications which she did not have. It is very sad to see a person without the qualifications that she claimed, having the audacity to take Parliament and the government to court - this to try to prevent the truth from being known.

The Parliamentary inquiry has revealed the truth for all to see: Ms Ellen Tshabalala lied. The lie contributed to her being appointed as SABC Board Member and Chairperson. The SACP is calling on all whom it may concern to comply with the outcome of the Parliamentary inquiry, and on Ms Ellen Tshabalala to step down with immediate effect.   

Statement issued by the SACP, December 3 2014

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