Ellen Tshabalala should resign from Moral Regeneration Movement board - Gavin Davis

DA MP says govt funded Section 21 company's objectives include "upholding honesty, integrity and loyalty"

Tshabalala should resign from board of Moral Regeneration Movement

18 December 2014

Now that Ellen Tshabalala has resigned from the SABC Board, she must step down from the Board of Directors of the Moral Regeneration Movement. If she is not willing to step down, she must be fired.

The Moral Regeneration Movement is a government-funded section 21 company whose objectives include:

1. Defining what constitutes morality and rightful conduct.

2. Accepting accountability for one's being and one's actions.

3. Upholding honesty, integrity and loyalty.

According to its website, the Moral Regeneration Movement Board of Directors consists of: 

" and women who are ordinary citizens of the country yet together they embody the nature of our ideal character of becoming exemplary through words and deeds. Their personal experiences and professional competencies ensure that the organization's direction is value driven and all its activities are geared towards achieving the stated vision and objectives."

There should be no place for a person who lied about their qualifications on the board of a publicly funded organization that purports to uphold virtues such as accountability, honesty and integrity. Tshabalala should therefore resign from the Moral Regeneration Movement with immediate effect.

If Tshabalala does not resign, she should be removed from the board. It is unclear how board members of the Moral Regeneration Movement are appointed or removed, as there is no specific legislation that pertains to the organisation. Indeed, the Moral Regeneration Movement's activities, and what it does with the public money disbursed to it, remains rather murky. 

Nevertheless, I have today written to the Chairperson of the Moral Regeneration Movement, Father Smangaliso Mkhatshwa, to inform him of the outcome of the parliamentary inquiry into Ellen Tshabalala's conduct. We trust that he will set the wheels in motion for her removal from the Board of the Moral Regeneration Movement.

Statement issued by Gavin Davis, DA Shadow Minister of Communications, December 18 2014

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