Ellen Tshabalala trying to evade suspension - Gavin Davis

DA MP says the SABC chairperson's strategy is to generate sufficient doubt to justify Presidential inaction

Tshabalala attempting to avoid suspension

5 December 2014

At her press conference today, Ellen Tshabalala did not say anything that she has not said before. All she did was re-iterate her version of the story (see City Press report).

Tshabalala's strategy is abundantly clear. She is attempting to create sufficient doubt to justify not being immediately suspended by President Zuma. 

It is a weakness in our law that only the President can suspend an SABC Board Member. This is particularly problematic if these two individuals are known to have a close relationship.

Fortunately, when it comes to Tshabalala's removal from the Board, it is up to the National Assembly, not the President. In terms of section 15A (2) of the Broadcasting Act, the President MUST act in accordance with a resolution of the National Assembly to remove an SABC board member.

Because the National Assembly only meets again in February, it is imperative that Tshabalala is suspended immediately. The DA re-iterates its call for President Zuma to suspend Ellen Tshabalala without delay.

Statement issued by Gavin Davis MP, DA Shadow Minister of Communications, December 5 2014

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