Ellen Tshabalala: Under-qualified and overpaid - Gavin Davis

DA MP says SABC chairperson received a total of R936 000 for chairing or attending 70 meetings in 2013/14

Ellen Tshabalala: Not just under qualified, but overpaid too

01 October 2014

The SABC's Annual Report tabled in Parliament yesterday reveals that its controversial Chairperson, Ellen Tshabalala, was paid nearly R 1 million last year. This is almost double the amount paid to her predecessor.

In 2013/14 Ms. Tshabalala was paid R 936 000 for chairing just 34 SABC Board meetings and attending 36 Board committee meetings - an average of R 13 371 per meeting.

The previous SABC Chairperson, Dr. Ben Ngubane, earned R 521 000 in the same 12-month period the previous year.

Details of Ms. Tshabalala's astronomical SABC earnings have surfaced in the wake of evidence that she lied to Parliament about her qualifications when she applied to be an SABC Board member. 

Not only does it look like Ms. Tshabalala is under qualified, she is overpaid as well.

R 936 000 is a huge amount to be paid for a part-time job. Ms. Tshabalala also serves on several other Boards, including: 

The President's Advisory Council on Broad-Based BEE

Sishen Iron Ore Company

Transnet Limited - SOC

Transnet Foundation

Cape Empowerment Limited

Ascension Properties

Port Shepstone Harbour Development Company

Moral Regeneration Movement.

On 14 October, Ms. Tshabalala is due to appear before the Communications Portfolio Committee to answer allegations that she lied when she told Parliament she had a B Com and Diploma from UNISA.

If it is found that she lied about her qualifications, Ms. Tshabalala may be liable to pay back the R 936 000 and any other money paid to her during her tenure as SABC Chairperson. This is according to the SABC's own fraud and corruption policy as stated on page 67 of last year's Annual Report:

"The SABC shall take appropriate steps, including legal action, to recover any losses from fraudulent and/or corrupt activities or any other wrongful act. This may include action against third parties involved in fraudulent and/or corrupt activities or any other wrongful act, or whose negligent actions contributed to such acts."

The DA will continue working to ensure that Ms. Tshabalala answers for the allegations levelled against her and faces the consequences. We need to send a signal to the SABC Board that proximity to powerful politicians will not be enough to protect them if they commit fraud and corruption.

Statement issued by Gavin Davis MP, DA Shadow Minister of Communications, October 1 2014

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