Ellen Tshabalala's court challenge dismissed - Gavin Davis

DA MP says committee now has clear mandate from courts to continue with inquiry into SABC chairperson's CV

Tshabalala court ruling vindicates the parliamentary process

12 November 2014

Judge J Baartman's dismissal of SABC Chairperson Ellen Tshabalala's court challenge today is a vindication of the parliamentary process and a victory for common sense.

[The judgment can downloaded by clicking here]

The Judge saw Ms. Tshabalala's delaying tactics for what they were. The Portfolio Committee now has a clear mandate from the courts to continue with the Inquiry into Ms. Tshabalala's qualifications.

Ms. Tshabalala has been given ample time to explain why there is no record of her having obtained the qualification that appears on her CV. We trust that she will now co-operate with the Inquiry so that justice can be served and we can all move on with getting the SABC back on track. 

All members of the Committee agree on the need to deal with the matter expeditiously and we will meet later today to discuss time frames for the Inquiry.

Cross-party support on the need for the Inquiry is a refreshing development in a Parliament often characterized by petty politicking. We hope that all parties will reach consensus on other similar matters involving SABC Board Members.

Statement issued by Gavin Davis MP, DA Shadow Minister of Communications, November 12 2014

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