Eugene Terre'Blanche killing no ordinary crime - TAU SA

Ben Marais says this was a political murder, probably involving government

TAU analyzes the situation in the country

TAU SA's executive committee met today in Pretoria to analyze and discuss the situation in the country.

The president of the organization, Mr. Ben Marais, said that after careful consideration of all factors, TAU SA has concluded that the situation in the country is much worse than the general perception.

"If we look at the course of events during the previous weeks, an upsetting pattern has materialised, in which the murder of Mr. Eugene Terre'Blache is but one incident.  We are afraid that this is not the end unless drastic intervention by government or by the citizens themselves, takes place," said Mr. Marais.

"Racial polarisation is a reality, and the trigger for further conflict lies in the hands of the ANC Youth League and its radical leader, who apparently cannot be called to order, responsibility and discipline by the ruling party.

"We have seen farm murders increasing sharply during recent weeks, nationalization of agricultural land was on the agenda, as well as the appearance of the inflammatory song "Shoot the farmers". Finally a well known leader was murdered. TAU SA is convinced, based on evidence, that the murder of Mr. Terre'Blanche was no ordinary crime, but a political murder, probably involving government.

"The cruelty and barbaric actions which is evident during such murders, was repeated in the case of Mr. Terre'Blanche, and does not relate to the alleged motive.

"TAU SA is tired the fact that an environment is deliberately created to discredit farmers. Notice was taken that during the protests at the Ventersdorp court hearing, once again allegations were made against the farmers, which creates a climate for radical elements to justify similar brutal attacks. TAU SA rejects statements that farmers treat their workers badly. If the workers feel that they are treated badly, there are sufficient statutory institutions where they can call for help and where their grievances will be considered and examined by willing officers. Workers also have the option of leaving the farms where they perceive to be ill-treated, to seek better treatment, accommodation, salary and fringe benefits. Maybe this could be found on the approximately 45% of agricultural land that the government has direct control over.

"Perhaps the time has now come to make a serious appeal to farmers to reduce their workforce and to mechanize for the sake of security and peace of mind.

"Since the murder of Mr. Terre'Blanche TAU SA noted that an increasing number of cases appeared reflecting labour related issues.  Farmers should be mindful that it seems as if this is the latest cause for disputes declared, " Mr. Marais warned.

"We are tired that there is always a deliberate effort to transform criminals to appear to be the heros and to project farmers as criminals.  We cannot accept this any longer," said Mr Marais.

"The fact is that the ANC has lost control of itself and of the country. What is taking place in the country is nothing less than armed propaganda for a liberation that we thought was in place sixteen years ago. In view thereof, and because TAU SA acts responsibly, TAU SA has called on football players and fans to again reflect on the reality of current crime levels and poor service delivery."

Mr. Marais said that TAU SA currently refining its strategy, and therefore cannot now reveal the entire plan of action. "We shall soon pass the information on to our members. What we can do right now, is to repeat what we've said before namely that neighbourhood and farm watches should be activated as a matter of urgency. We believe that we are only facing the beginning of bigger problems. In a Zimbabwean newspaper we read that the ANC is planning Zimbabwe-style farm invasions in the near future. We urge our members to improve their self-defence abilities, including firearm skills, in order to defend themselves effectively. It is therefore necessary to activate shooting clubs and to implement contingency plans," said Mr. Marais.

TAU SA is demanding a discussion with government within the next 14 days so that government can respond to a lengthy charge sheet which will be presented.

Statement issued by TAU SA, April 6 2010

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