Hawks should investigate arms deal - Pieter Groenewald

FF+ MP says concession by SAAB of illicit payments should force a probe


 "The fact that SAAB has now acknowledged that it had paid a bribe in the arms acquisition transaction with South Africa and that names are being mentioned should have the result of an immediate investigation by the Hawks. Other investigations such as that of the Auditor General and the Public Protector had earlier found that there had been no irregularities but that there had been a number of allegations of bribery which could not be proven. Now that proof has been found, the Hawks cannot but investigate the issue.

The arms acquisition program has always been clouded in controversy due to allegations of corruption and bribery and there is an opportunity now to investigate the issue and bring it to a close which would be in the interest not only of the National Defence Force of South Africa but also in the interest of the whole of South Africa," Mr. Pieter Groenewald, chief spokesperson on Defence for the Freedom Front Plus says.

Statement issued by Mr. Pieter Groenewald, FF Plus Chief Spokesperson: Defence, June 17 2011

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