IFP condemns attacks on foreigners in Tokoza

Petros Sithole says petrol bombing of spaza shop disgraceful and lamentable


The IFP has condemned the attacks on foreign nationals who had their businesses petrol-bombed in Tokoza, Gauteng yesterday (see report).

"The latest xenophobic attacks are disgraceful and lamentable. As a nation, we have an obligation to assist refugees who flee their countries fearing for their own safety. And we have an obligation to ensure that we uphold the values and principles of South Africa's Constitution and human rights culture at all times," said Mr Petros Sithole MP, the IFP's Chairperson in Gauteng

However, Sithole said that the latest incident was a warning to government that the people of South Africa are no longer willing to tolerate government's failures.

"People are growing increasingly desperate due to the high levels of poverty and unemployment. This latest incident has again drawn attention to the fact that government's strategic fight against poverty is failing. Furthermore, government must urgently address the abuse of our asylum seeker system and South Africa's porous borders. It is the failure of the State to exercise sound policies, especially in the field of immigration control, which has become a serious threat to the future of our young democracy. Unless government takes responsibility for these failures, levels of discontent and xenophobic attacks will increase," concluded Sithole.

Statement issued by Mr Petros Sithole MP, Inkatha Freedom Party, January 25 2012

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