Indefinite strike will threaten jobs of 40,000 workers - Lonmin

Company says it cannot go on indefinitely without normalising operations

Lonmin Update: Attendance Figures/Update

Attendance today: We have a 4.5% average attendance across all shafts this morning. We expect that employees are waiting for the outcome of the Peace Accord meeting.

Situation on the ground: There has been no increase in intimidation this morning or overnight. No incidents of violence have been reported. Management is appealing to all stakeholders to remain calm.

Peace Accord: The Peace Accord meeting reconvened today, Monday 3 September 2012, at the Rustenburg Civic Centre. The Peace Accord is an important first step to finding a common ground among all parties. It allows for a peaceful return to work and an environment in which the concerns of all stakeholders can be addressed. The meeting has been attended by all stakeholders and we are hoping for finalisation today - that being signature of the Peace Accord and consensus on the Process Agreement.

The parties have remained committed to bringing peace and stability in the area as well as working together in finding lasting resolution to the matters in dispute. Once there is an outcome, the media will be informed.

Lonmin has committed to negotiating with its employees on real issues, but we need a peaceful environment to do so.

While Lonmin has committed to negotiating with our employees on real issues, we are bound by legal frameworks on workplace conditions. So negotiations on real issues need to take place within those frameworks.

An indefinite strike will ultimately threaten the jobs of more than 40,000 workers. We cannot go on indefinitely without normalising operations and still escape the consequences of the mine not being operational.

Statement issued by Lonmin, September 3 2012

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