Intimidation stops some workers from returning to work - Lonmin

Company reports 13% average attendance across all shafts on Monday morning

Lonmin Update: Attendance Figures/Update

Attendance today: Preliminary figures are 13% average attendance across all shafts this morning. We understand that employees are waiting for the environment to be safe before returning to work.

Situation on the ground: There have been incidents of intimidation towards bus drivers overnight as well as intimidation of Eastern's workers this morning, preventing them from coming to work. Management is appealing to all stakeholders to remain calm.

Peace Accord: Discussions are ongoing to find common ground among all stakeholders. Management is meeting with the SA Council of Churches again today as well as meeting with representatives of the striking workers. The objective of these meetings is to achieve cessation of the violence and a return to work in a safe and secure environment. The Peace Accord meeting is on Wednesday 29 August 2012 and we expect to have more information after that.

We continue to communicate with our employees to reassure them that we are all working together to bring resolution and we encourage them to come back to work.

Lonmin Update: Ongoing Engagement with striking workers

Lonmin management and representatives from the striking workers met this afternoon to continue with the discussions that started last week. The meeting was once again facilitated by the South African Council of Churches (SACC).

The meetings were constructive and, at this stage, the striking workers wish to discuss this further and want more clarification in order to be convinced that the proposed way forward will provide the terms of reference necessary to address their specific concerns and therefore ensure a return to normality.  Management has agreed to assist them with facilitating meetings with other parties - meetings which they believe will be useful in reaching consensus.

Lonmin's management is committed to this process and its absolute focus in the coming days will be to reach a peace accord, under the auspices of the Department of Labour, which allows for a peaceful return to work and an environment in which the concerns of all stakeholders can be addressed.

Statements issued by Lonmin, August 27 2012

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