It's time to say to the ANC "enough!" - Mmusi Maimane

DA GPC launches new hard-hitting TV ad campaign in response to ANC's "Good story to tell" adverts

"Enough" - The DA's new TV ad campaign 

Note to Editors: Mmusi Maimane gave a speech today in Bekkersdal today to launch the DA's new hard-hitting TV ad campaign in response to the ANC's "Good story to tell" adverts. Maimane was joined by the Bekkersdal Concerned Residents Association. The full TV ad can be viewed below

Today is a turning point in Election 2014. Today is the day  where the truth gets broadcast to millions of South Africans watching national television.

In 2009 South Africans were promised millions of jobs. 

But 5 years later unemployment and corruption is rising under Jacob Zuma's ANC.

The people of Gauteng know that corruption kills jobs and service delivery.

That is why the DA is launching this new television advertising campaign right here in Bekkersdal today. This community, like many others across South Africa, is an example of how government has forgotten about the people.

The DA's new television advertising campaign, titled "Enough", is based on one simple question: Where are the jobs you promised President Zuma?

President Zuma promised millions of jobs but instead unemployment is higher today than in 2009.

There was a time when I voted ANC. 

Under Presidents Mandela and Mbeki, economic progress was made in South Africa.

But under Jacob Zuma all we see is corruption and unemployment rising every single day. The R246million stolen for Nkandla is just one part of the R30billion lost to corruption in South Africa each year.

The people of Bekkersdal know that South Africa has gone backwards under Jacob Zuma's ANC.

When Gauteng residents protest for basic services, Jacob Zuma's ANC meets us with bullets.

Just ask the people of Bekkersdal who had live ammunition shot at them just the other day. Or the families of Andries Tatane, Marikana, Durban Deep and Sebokeng. They know the pain and suffering of life under the rule of bullets. They do not have a good story to tell.

On 7 May we can change this course of history. We can vote out an ANC that has become corrupt, an ANC that has changed for the worse.

Together we can bring change, together we can vote for policies that will create 6 million real jobs in South Africa.

We know that Election 2014 will be so close in Gauteng. Our destiny is truly in our hands. 

But this change will only happen if we come out in our numbers to vote in a new government in this election.

In Gauteng we can choose change. 

We can choose change that brings jobs or 5 more years of corruption and unemployment under Jacob Zuma's ANC. 

Statement issued by Mmusi Maimane, DA Gauteng Premier Candidate, April 8 2014

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