Julius Malema pays tribute to Hugo Chavez

Economic Freedom Fighter says Venezuelan President's fighting spirit will continue to inspire


06 March 2013

I learned of the passing away of President Hugo Chavez, the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, a Revolutionary anti-imperialist fighter, and a true symbol of anti-imperialist struggles in Venezuela, Latin America, and the whole world. I join millions of progressive individuals, formations and movements across the world in sending my heartfelt condolences to the people of Venezuela for loosing a fearless, politically determined and ideologically steadfast leader in President Hugo Chavez. President Chavez is amongst the few revolutionaries and leaders in the 21st century who challenged the dominance of imperialism in the world and constantly exposed its weaknesses and failures. 

Despite massive resistance from rented imperialist puppets, President Hugo Chavez was able to lead Venezuela into an era where the wealth of Venezuela, particularly oil was returned to the ownership of the people as a whole. When we visited Venezuela in 2010 to collect the symbolic flag as hosts of the 17th World Festival for Youth and Students, we witnessed that under President Chavez, the standard of education and health in Venezuela has radically improved and stabilized with guaranteed access for all people of Venezuela to quality free education and healthcare. Under President Chavez, the people of Venezuela enjoyed the fact that beneath their soil are massive reserves of oil through affordable fuel for all the people in Venezuela. President Chavez rescued the oil reserves of Venezuela from imperialist control and manipulation.

As anti-imperialist Fighters and Youth in South Africa, Africa and the Global South, we wish to assure the living and fighting spirit of President Hugo Chavez that we will pick up the spear and continue the fight against imperialist control of the natural resources, in particular oil, mineral resources, land and many other valuable resources. The fighting spirit of Hugo Chavez will continue to inspire all the youth of the world in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ivory Coast, Niger Delta, Ghana, Botswana, Venezuela, Cuba, China, Bolivia, Nicaragua, The Caribbean, the whole Latin America and other parts of the world to continue the total onslaught against imperialism and imperialist Masters, their corporations and puppets. We in South Africa would once again want to assure the fighting spirit of President Hugo Chavez that we will continue the fight against imperialist control of our natural resources, and we will realize victory. 

From the Youth of South Africa and the African continent, we plead to the people of Venezuela to remain united against imperialist attempts to divide the Bolivarian Republic, and pick up the spear to continue the struggle for total emancipation of the oppressed people of Venezuela, Latin America, and the Global South. Rest in Peace Comrade President!!!

Statement issued by Julius Malema - Economic Freedom Fighter, March 6 2013

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