Limpopo Municipalities continue to disappoint - SAMWU

Union says tenders being granted to companies not even registered with CIPC

The South African Municipal Workers Union (SAMWU) in Limpopo is once again disappointed by the manner in which various Municipalities in Limpopo manage supply chain processes, in particular Mole Mole Municipality. It is highly irresponsible for an Accounting Officer for example, to approve quotations from companies which are not even registered with the Companies and intellectual property registration office (CIPRO).

The law of the country dictates that for a company to do business with Government it should first register with CIPRO and SARS. The fact that Mole Mole Municipality is doing business with companies that are not registered as required by the law, is reason enough to call for the suspension of the Municipal Manager - who is to be held responsible. A forensic audit must also be conducted in this Municipality.

As SAMWU we will not rest until we root out corruption in our Municipalities and to that effect we are also happy to indicate that our social partner South African Local Government Association (SALGA) in Limpopo, also agrees that we must fight corruption at all cost and at all levels. It is a crime for a Municipality like Mole Mole which is predominantly rural to award tenders to companies which are based outside its Municipal jurisdiction. We are calling on the Municipal Council to do the right thing and institute investigations in the alleged dodgy awarding of tenders at Mole Mole.

As SAMWU we have been saying for some time now, that corruption is rife in various Municipalities in Limpopo. We are re-affirming our stance against corruption and we will continue to do so without fear or favour. We want clean governance at municipal level and local economic empowerment. We can't allow our rural communities to continue to suffer.

It is high time cabinet start placing these Municipalities under administration. If cabinet can place the Limpopo Provincial Government under administration surely they can place municipalities under administration. As SAMWU we will remain unshaken and continue to gather strength to fight corruption, we will also support community marches. It is high time we start dealing with people or individuals who tarnish the good name of the ruling party.

Statement issued by SAMWU Limpopo Provincial Secretary, Simon Mathe, February 15 2012

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