Maphatsoe's apology smacks of hypocrisy - EFF

Fighters say the deputy minister apologised for remarks he'd denied making only moments before

EFF: Maphatsoe's apology smacks of hypocrisy and disregard of parliament

09 September 2014

EFF rejects Maphatsoe's apology as the worst and cheapest reflection of hypocrisy and deep disregard of the institution both of parliament and the public protector. Maphatsoe stood and denied that he insulted the Public Protector as being a spy of the CIA. Soon after leaving parliament, Maphatsoe apologises (see TimesLive report).

The EFF rejects this apology since it means Maphatsoe disrespects his vow as an MP. It means he has undermined the sacrosanctity of parliament platform and used it to continue and lie, maintaining his attack on the Public Protector. Society must not accept his apology and the Public Protector must continue to charge him under Section 9 and 11 of the Public Protector Act of 1994. Furthermore, Kebby Maphatsoe must resign from office with immediate effect, he has plunged parliament and the country into disrepute.

Statement issued by the Economic Freedom Fighters, September 9 2014

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