Marius Fransman will debate with Solidarity - ANC WCape

Provincial leader says it's time the racism behind union's attack on EE was exposed

ANC Western Cape Chair statement on Solidarity challenge to a debate on employment equity

The Chair of the ANC in the Western Cape, Mr Marius Fransman MP, has noted the call for a debate with Solidarity on employment equity. While the short notice makes this impossible today, he gladly accepts such a challenge. He stated that, "it is time we stripped naked the racism, paternalistic and patronising basis for Solidarity's attack on employment equity". The ANC in the Western Cape has made it very clear that while there may be cases where employment equity has been applied incorrectly, the basis for this policy is correct, as our Constitution and the law sets out so clearly.

"Solidarity and other neo-conservatives such as Rhoda Kadalie and the DA leadership are all using the case of the individuals in the Western Cape who have grievances as a Trojan horse to try and end employment equity. They give their racist agenda away by claiming the poor service delivery is because of employment equity. In other words, Black, Coloured, Disabled and women workers are incompetent, in their view", Mr Fransman said.

Mr Fransman's office will liaise with those who have made this challenge so that an open, public debate can take place. In this way, the racists and those against our Constitution will be exposed.

Statement issued by Phillip Dexter, ANC Western Cape, May 2 2013

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