Public Protector found maladministration in tender - COSATU WCape

Tony Ehrenreich says R70m expenditure on communications inappropriate

Public Protector finds maladministration

The Provincial government has been found guilty of maladministration in the communication tender that already stands at R70 million. So every time we hear an advert from the Provincial Government for the Premier's show, we know that this is money taken from a soup kitchen in a poor area, to polish the ego of Premier Zille.

The maladministration findings are in spite of the fall guy taking the blame for the DA, The fall guy was Anton Groenewald an employee of the Province who has now conveniently been moved to the City of Cape Town administration.

The Public Protector should now be called upon to evaluate the appropriateness of spending R 70 million of public money on advertising and branding, in the face of the massive social injury and hardship that exist.  Already the Heart FM show has to be advertised at huge additional expenses because people are not listening to the tedious rambling of the Premier.

COSATU will on the basis of this guilty verdict of maladministration and the wasteful expenditure , call on the public Protector to consider whether a R70 million advertising budget is the right place to spend money in the face of the huge deprivation that exist on the Cape Flats, amongst poor people .

Statement issued by COSATU Western Cape Provincial Secretary, Tony Ehrenreich, June 1 2012

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