So the ANC supports nationalisation - TAU-SA

Ben Marais says it appears that commercial farmers are being targeted for extermination


The unveiling of Cosatu during the debate on nationalization that he has encouraged the ANC Youth League to put the case of nationalization firmly on the table, and that a task team that was appointed by the ANC on how to implement nationalization, is shocking (see Business Day report).

TAU SA's President, Mr. Ben Marais says that it is clear that the Youth League's demands on nationalization is not only remarks by a bunch of young hot-heads but that is in fact supported by both the ANC and Cosatu, probably based on the SACP's communist agenda. "The ANC blatantly lied about so-called insurance that nationalization is not on the table. Cosatu has now openly admitted that the ANC task team has agreed on the fact that nationalization will take place but that the only outstanding issue is how it will be performed practically.

Mr. Marais said that compensation for land is excluded confirms TAU SA's allegations that the commercial farmers who provide food to all, are targeted to be destroyed and to be exterminated. "Is this the reason why farm attacks and murders do not get the attention that it requires, for each farmer who is no longer there is an issue less to deal with when the stage of nationalization is reached?" Mr. Marais asked.

"Despite the fact that no success story of nationalization can be shown anywhere in the world, the ANC and its cronies continue going straight down the economic abyss it creates. Organized agriculture and organized business in South Africa need to meet urgently to take hands to protect all parties' interests against the most serious threat ever to economy and the country that can be expected from now on. Within days TAU SA will get processes in motion to get relevant stakeholders together."

Meanwhile Mr. Marais warned that food security is seriously threatened by nationalization.  "The recent revolutions in Egypt and Malawi started due to high food prices caused by a shortage of food. If a similar revolution would start in South Africa government has no one but himself to blame."

Statement issued by TAU-SA, August 4 2011

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