TAU counts 51 farm murders since ET was killed

Agricultural union reiterates call for police to keep statistics on this type of crime

51 Farm murders since Eugene Terre'Blance was murdered on his farm

It is now a year since Mr. Eugene Terre'Blanche has been murdered on his farm. Since then 77 attacks occurred on farms throughout the country in which 51 people were murdered.

During the first quarter of this year, from 1 January to 31 March, 16 farm attacks occurred in which eight farmers were murdered.

TAU SA is doing its best in keeping up to date with these statistics but it is possible that these figures could be even higher.

The farmers who have been murdered this year, are Mr. Kobus van Rooyen, Mrs Wendy Wilken, Mr. Deon van Staden, Mrs. Babs Strecker, Ms Georgie Jacklin, Mr. Frik Hermann, Mr. French Eric Powell, and Mr. Alberto Costa.

"This means that on average more than six farm attacks occur every month, and that on average more than four farmers have been murdered monthly, on the basis of the statistics of the last year," said Mr Henk van de Graaf, Assistant General Manager of TAU SA.

The President of TAU SA, Mr. Ben Marais says that these statistics are alarming high. "We reiterate our demand that farm attacks have to be declared are a separate category of crime and need to be investigated as such.  Farm attacks are not ordinary crime, and should be investigated by experts, especially to determine the real motives behind it. "

TAU SA is of the opinion that songs such as Julius Malema's song "Shoot the farmers", has an effect on this behavior. In view of the court case against Malema on April 11, 2011, TAU SA is doing a survey on the perception of the public about the impact of Malema's call. The public is asked to take part in an opinion poll on this issue and to complete a questionnaire before 9 April 2011. The questionnaire is available at TAU SA's website at

Statement issued by TAU SA, April 1 2011

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