UNSC's 'no fly' resolution nefarious - Bantu Holomisa

UDM says South African should not have voted in favour


On becoming the member of the United Nation Security Council, South Africa received the support of the African Union (AU) and other developing countries, among others. Recently the AU took a resolution to engage the Libyan government on its use of military force on innocent civilians.

The AU's resolution is opposed to any form of military intervention by the International Community in Libya since such actions adversely affect innocent civilians the most.

President Zuma is among the panel African leaders who are tasked with implementing the AU's resolution. The AU's approach is in line with South Africa' s foreign policy, which was started by former President Nelson Mandela in 1994, of seeking negotiated solutions to African countries' complex problems (Burundi, Congo ,etc,) over short-sighted and destructive military interventions.

Despite this well documented foreign policy position and the AU's resolution on this matter, President Zuma and his ilk seem to have been duped into abandoning South Africa's foreign policy stance and the AU's resolution by voting in favour of the dubious United Nations Security Council's Resolution Number 1973, which the Western is currently exploiting in its use of military intervention in Libya for their own nefarious objectives.

The Libyan conflict emanates from the Libyan people's desire for political liberties and democratic reforms. However, we have seen the unfortunate backing of the rebels by the West in this conflict by supplying them with arms such as anti-aircraft weapons, and so on. Needless to say that by voting in favour of the UN Security Council's Resolution Number 1973,

South Africa has also sided with the rebels in this conflict, long before the quest for a negotiated solution has begun.

This position is a smokescreen for regime change. Elsewhere in countries like Bahrain, people are calling for regime change, but the same Western Superpowers have chosen to side with the ruling regime against the wishes of the people of Bahrain. It this kind of hypocrisy that makes us cringe as a Nation.

The ANC Government, which has been heavily funded by Gaddafi, owes the Nation an explanation whether our Country is going to be used to achieve the nefarious objectives of certain powers. The ANC Government should also explain if this is what they voted for in the UN Resolution, in light of recent militarily interventions by the West, and whether they have been briefed by their newly acquired allies about their military intervention, which is going to cause untold damage on the lives of the Libyan people. Or were they just used as voting cattle? Or should we deduce that this is an indication that they have now dumped their renowned funder, Gaddafi, in favour of wealthier funders from the West?

Statement issued by Bantu Holomisa, UDM President, March 20 2011

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