Why has Zuma not suspended Ellen Tshabalala? - Gavin Davis

DA MP says portfolio committee unanimously recommended that the President should do so on September 17, pending investigation

Why has Zuma still not suspended Ellen Tshabalala?

06 October 2014

President Zuma has still not suspended SABC Board Chairperson, Ellen Tshabalala, despite all parties on the Communications Portfolio Committee agreeing that he should do so.

The Portfolio Committee sent a memorandum to the Speaker of the National Assembly on 17 September recommending that the President suspend Ms. Tshabalala. Nearly three weeks later there is still no sign that the President has acted on it.

I will today write to President Zuma to determine why Ms. Tshabalala has not been suspended. If it is a delay, we would like to know what is causing the delay. If he has decided to not suspend her, then we would like to know the reasons.

It is no secret that President Zuma and Ms. Tshabalala have a close relationship. She is a member of his advisory panel on Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment and she controversially campaigned for the ANC in his KwaZulu-Natal stronghold during the 2014 elections.

The DA sincerely hopes that the President's judgment on this matter has not been clouded by his proximity to Ms. Tshabalala. We call on the President to align himself with his own party and suspend Ms. Tshabalala without delay.

Text of the memorandum:


[For consideration]
To: Ms B Mbete
Speaker of the National Assembly

From: Ms JC Moloi-Moropa
Chairperson: PC on Communications
17 September 2014
Committee inquiry into allegations of misrepresenting academic qualifications by the Chairperson of the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) Boad, Ms ZE Tshabalala

1. Introduction

The Committee held a meeting on 16 September 2014 and unanimously agreed to conduct an inquiry into allegations cf misrepresenting of academic qualifications by the Chairperson of the SABC Board to the National Assembly in terms of section 51A(1)(a) of the Broadcasting Act 1999 (Act 4 of 1999) read with National Assembly Rule 201 (1)(c).

2. Allegation on misrepresentation of qualifications

Ms Tshabalala in her Curriculum Vitae claimed to be in possession of a Bachelor of Commerce Degree and a Postgraduate Diploma in Labour Relations (DPLR), both qualifications obtained from the university of South Africa (UNESA). There are allegations that Ms Tshabalala does not possess the educational qualifications as claimed. Ms Tshabalala was afforded an opportunity to respond to the allegations and has refused and/or failed to furnish the Committee with either certified copies of the educational qualification(s) or relevant information that would enable the Committee to independently verify her qualifications with UNISA.

The Committee is in possession of a letter dated 4 July 2014 stating that according to the UNISA records no qualification was awarded to Ms Tshabalala.

Committee Recommendations

The inquiry is scheduled for 25 September 2014. In the meantime it is proposed that the Speaker communicate the Committee recommendation to the President of the Republic of South Africa who is the appointing authority that Ms Tshabatala be suspended as an SABC Board member for the duration of the inquiry.

MS JC Moloi-Moropa,
Chairperson: PC on Communications

Cc Mr M Kalako, MP (African National Congress)
Mr G Davis, MP (Democratic Alliance)

Mr M Ndlozi, MP (Economic Freedom Fighters)

Mr W Madisha, MP (Congress of the People)

Statement issued by Gavin Davis MP, DA Shadow Minister of Communications, October 6 2014

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