Zuma's remarks were not "misconstrued" - Lindiwe Mazibuko

DA PL says President fails to understand basic principles of our constitutional democracy

President Zuma's attempt at damage control fails to hide his real views on constitutional democracy

The statement released by the Presidency today arguing that President Zuma's comments on democracy in the National Assembly on Thursday were "misconstrued" is nothing more than a desperate attempt at damage control.

In his response to my question on whether AMCU should have been given an opportunity to participate in the negotiations with Lonmin, President Zuma said:

We have more rights here because we are in a majority. You have fewer rights because you are in a minority. That's how democracy works.

There is nothing to be misconstrued. His comments were clear for all to hear. President Zuma has again revealed himself as someone who fails to understand the basic pillars of our constitutional democracy.

This echoes a number of concerning comments he has made on our constitution including that "[The ANC is] more important than the constitution...[the constitution is only there] to regulate matters."

This is a president who does not believe the constitution is above the ANC. In his mind, it is only there to serve the ANC.

President Zuma must protect the integrity of his office, and the constitution which he has sworn to uphold. The DA therefore reiterates our call for the President to unconditionally retract his comments immediately. 

Anything short of this will be an affront to the oath he took when elected as President.

Statement issued by Lindiwe Mazibuko MP, DA Parliamentary Leader, September 16 2012

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