12-point explanation of the Tshwane tender saga

City manager Moeketsi Mosola is at the centre of the scandal

12-point explanation of the Tshwane tender saga that could see Mayor Msimanga axed

29 August 2018

The DA in Tshwane has been beset by allegations of tender irregularities following a R12bn deal with a company to oversee project management in the capital city.

This is how the scandal has developed:

1. Tshwane city manager Moeketsi Mosola is at the centre of the scandal after allegations were made by whistleblowers relating to serious irregularities in the procurement of Midrand-based engineering consultancy firm GladAfrica for project management services to the tune of R12bn.

2. City Press has reported that more than R250m has already been paid to the service provider.

3. According to Mayor Solly Msimanga, Mosola made recommendations to the mayoral committee about the establishment of a project management unit in his office in 2017. This was based on the diminished ability of the City to manage its capital projects. This approach was relayed to the municipal council.

4. In 2017, Msimanga was made aware that a service provider, or service providers, had been appointed to assist the project management unit. He said the name "GladAfrica" never came up.

5. Several senior officials raised concerns about the legality and impact of the tender and alleged that they were threatened and intimidated by the city manager. Issues were also raised about a service level agreement in terms of the tender.

6. In March 2018, Msimanga was furnished with a copy of a legal opinion and the account of a whistleblower showing that the city manager had ignored the legal advice in appointing project management service providers.

7. The appointment of a panel of project management service providers was eventually reported by the city manager to the mayoral committee and council in May 2018, but by then the matter was already under investigation.

8. Tshwane member of the mayoral committee for finance Mare-Lise Fourie says it has emerged that GladAfrica has been used on every single capital project in Tshwane.

9. Fourie says that the tender was in excess of R10m so the city manager awarded it. She added that nothing was made known to the mayor or the mayoral committee until the third quarter of 2018.

10. Mosola denied this, saying all processes were above board and in line with the Municipal Finance Management Act.

11. The ANC in Tshwane has said that Msimanga is also at the centre of the scandal and that he knew "full well" what was happening. This has been denied by Msimanga.

12. The EFF in a statement inferred that Mosola was being punished for exposing "white racists who took jobs without the necessary qualifications", but that if he is found guilty should be held accountable along with Msimanga.