18 farm murders so far this year - TAU SA

Elderly couple attacked on their farm near Ladysmith, KZN

Another Farm Attack: TAU SA support march against Violence

TAU SA has learned of an attack on an elderly couple on their farm near Ladysmith in Natal .

This is the 53rd attack this year on a farm. In this year's attacks 18 farmers have been killed. Since 1990, 1569 farmers have been murdered on their farms.

Several national and international awareness actions have been launched by TAU SA and several new initiatives are currently planned.

The agricultural community still feels that to a large extent it is singled out as the community most affected by the attacks against them and the questionarises is this can be part of genocide unfolding?

Therefore TAU SA supports any initiative that can be helpful in addressing the problem of farm and other murders in South Africa , ass well as the problem of crime in general.   In this regard TAU SA gives its support to a march on June 19, by several artists, against violence. An appeal is made ??to TAU SA-members to support this event if possible. The vice-president and chairman of the safety committee as well as the general manager of TAUSA, Messrs. Henry Geldenhuys and Bennie van Zyl, and other agricultural leader figures will also participate.

Statement issued by TAU SA, June 11 2012

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