7 days to go and you can vote DA and realise Madiba's dream – Phumzile Van Damme

Party says they're proud of their campaign based on their honest pledge to bring about change in SA

7 days to go: vote DA for change, vote DA for jobs, vote DA to realise Madiba’s dream

27 July 2016

In seven days, South Africans across our beautiful country will head to the polls in the most important election since 1994.

The DA is ready. Ke Nako! It is time! We are proud of our positive campaign, based on our honest pledge to bring about change that creates jobs, delivers better services and stops corruption. This is the change that will realise uTata Madiba’s dream for South Africa.

Over this next week, 10,000 posters saying “Honour Madiba’s dream, Vote DA” will go up across the country. The DA will launch a new advert today that shares our vision for a united, non-racial South Africa that belongs to all. We will knock on tens of thousands of doors and be involved in thousands of community meetings to share this promise. We are committed to it. We will continue to honour it every single day.

Over the next week, South Africans will have to come to their own decision as to who they must vote for. The DA will not tell you to vote for us because of the colour of your skin. Madiba fought for your right to make your own decisions: our job is to provide you with a plan for you to consider. 

At the core of our plan, is the creation of jobs. This will be our top priority because we cannot sit back and allow 8.9 million people to remain jobless. This is not the dream so many fought and died for. 

To do this, we must stop corruption in its tracks. This is because corruption steals opportunities, and prevents so many people from accessing opportunities. You will not need a DA membership card to get a job - it will be done fairly, not based on who you know. 

Our plans to deliver better services has also been our central campaign message. We know there was progress made after 1994. But this has stalled. Our people have been met with broken promises and an uncaring government. The DA will change this. As we do where we govern, we will provide record high access to water, sanitation and electricity.

On 3 August, we can win Tshwane, Nelson Mandela Bay, Johannesburg, Cape Town and many other municipalities across South Africa. Today I can share that we can win. But only if every person who wants real change comes out and votes.

It is now time for us to come together, because we are better together, and realise Madiba’s dream for our country. It is time to vote for change. Ke Nako!

Issued by Phumzile Van Damme, DA National Spokesperson, 27 July 2016