Harsh sentences needed for human traffickers - DA Gauteng

Two undocumented foreign nationals accused of forcing two young women into prostitution in Tshwane

DA calls for harsh sentences for human traffickers

4 September 2018

The Democratic Alliance (DA) is calling for the harshest jail sentence possible for the two undocumented foreign nationals who are responsible for forcing two young women into prostitution in Arcadia in Tshwane.

Both men were found guilty of human trafficking and forced prostitution while one of them was also found guilty of contravening the Immigration Act for marrying a South African woman while not living with her.

According to a newspaper article the two victims were forced to take drugs, held captive in a flat in Tshwane and only let out at night to work as prostitutes. They were forced to hand over all the money they made from prostitution to their captors.

This is yet another example of the ANC government’s failure to keep South Africans safe and to stamp out illegal immigration.

Home Affairs and the South African Police Service must make more effort to secure our borders and to improve the protection of victims.

We cannot undo what has already happened to these victims but a harsh sentence for the perpetrators will give them some form of closure as they try to move on from their ordeal.

It’s clear that the ANC is only capable of making empty promises because they are unable to ensure that law and order prevail as crime continues to grip our country.

The DA is the only party that can bring about change that builds one South Africa for all. While the DA condemns xenophobia in all its forms, the time has come to secure our borders to ensure that people who enter the country do so legally.

Issued by Abel TauGauteng North Regional Chairperson, 4 September 2018