A murderous February on the farms - TAU SA

Organisation says there were 71 attacks and 21 murders on farms and smallholdings over the past month


The most attacks and murders were recorded in February 2017 which is one of the worst months yet. According to official statistics of TAU SA, the numbers of murders and attacks on farms and small holdings are as follows:

Attacks – 45

Murders – 17

The total for 2017:

Attacks – 71

Murders – 21

These statistics are shocking.

TAU SA would like to extend its condolences to families who were attacked and to those who have lost family members. We would also like to express our gratitude to the SAPS and everyone involved with investigations and the arrests of suspects in certain cases.

Urgent action is now required from the government as well as from the SAPS. Your plans no longer work!

To the farmers, don’t become a victim, become more vigilant. Carry your weapon and be sure you know how to use it. If you keep your weapon in a safe, rather sell it please. Become part of the Farm and Neighbourhood watch and get involved with safety initiatives, it does not matter which organisation arranges it .  

Pray every day for the Lord to protect you and join in prayer days where ever it is organised.

Statement issued by TAU SA, 1 March 2017