Abraham Masango found not guilty – Eskom

Power utility to negotiate a date of suspended employee's return

Disciplinary hearing outcome of suspended Eskom Group Executive for Group Capital, Mr Abraham Masango

24 April 2018

Mr Tim Bruinders SC, appointed by Eskom to chair a Disciplinary Hearing convened to consider disciplinary charges levelled against Mr Abram Masango, has today found Mr Masango not guilty of the charges which were levelled against him.

Mr Masango was placed on suspension on 15 November 2017, he was the Group Executive: Group Capital at the time of his suspension. He was on suspension when the new Board assumed its office in late January 2018. The charges levelled against Mr Masango arose from a forensic investigation initiated in 2017. The draft forensic report, issued in late January 2018, made allegations of serious misconduct against Mr Masango.

The new Board swiftly commenced with the disciplinary process and appointed an independent chairperson to ensure that these serious charges were subjected to a proper enquiry. Mr Masango was represented by Senior Counsel at the Disciplinary Hearing which was held before Mr Bruinders SC over four days in March and April 2018.

This approach is in line with the new Board’s efforts to ensure due process is followed when allegations of serious misconduct are levelled against employees, including Executives, and is central to the new Board’s commitment to rooting out corruption within Eskom and implementing an effective turnaround strategy to restore investor confidence.

The Eskom Board believes that it acted in the best interests of Eskom in following due process and allowing the law to take its course. “Our starting point has never been subjecting any employee to a disciplinary process with a predetermined outcome but to look at all allegations with a fresh pair of eyes and ensure that a fair, thorough and independent process is undertaken in line with any employee’s contract of employment” commented Mr Phakamani Hadebe, Eskom’s Interim Group Chief Executive.

When the new Board assumed its role in January 2018 there were seven Executives who were facing allegations of corruption or other forms of serious misconduct, Mr Masango was one of these Executives. The new Board immediately took steps to ensure all implicated Executives were properly and swiftly subjected to a full disciplinary process to properly test the strength of the allegations against them and allow them to put up a defense to such allegations. It remains of priority to the Board to pursue, within the South African legal framework, those who are alleged to have been in some of the critical governance lapses as the first step in combating corruption.

Eskom respects the outcome of the disciplinary process held for Mr Masango and will negotiate a date for his return to Eskom with him in due course,” Mr Hadebe concluded.

Issued by Eskom Media Desk, 24 April 2018