Abuse directed at sexual harassment victim condemned – NUM WS

Action must be taken against women police officers who manhandled Gugu Ncube during protest

The NUM National Women Structure condemns all insults and abuse directed at sexual harassment victim, Gugu Ncube

15 March 2019

The NUM National Women Structure is perturbed by the appalling behaviour of women members of the South African Police Services towards a victim of sexual harassment who was protesting peacefully at Union Buildings, Pretoria.

The treatment of Gugu Ncube, particularly during the human rights month, is unacceptable and is a direct insult to all women.

As women, mothers and gender activists we support her brave protest action. We cannot sit back and watch as though is business as usual.

"We call upon the law enforcement agencies to promptly act against the women police officers who were identified during the manhandling of Gugu Ncube. No person regardless of gender, age, race or status should be exposed to such inhumane treatment", said Mathapelo Khanye, NUM National Women Structure Secretary

The National Women Structure further calls upon President Cyril Ramaphosa to give Gugu an audience and address her plight.

The National Women Structure rallies behind Gugu and we want to plead to all gender formation structures and community members to do the same.

"We must put a STOP to all forms of GBV by observing and monitoring 16 Days of Activism Against Women Children Abuse on a daily basis. The day should not only be commemorated in November and December, but to be an all year round lifestyle", added Khanye.

We further call upon all men in the country to respect women and support all efforts intended at fighting abuse of women and children. All men must join the march planned to Unisa on the 29th March 2019.

#Women Rights are Human Rights

#Not in my name

Issued by Mathapelo Khanye, NUM National Women Structure Secretary, 15 March 2019