Ace Magashule determined to Cubanise the FState - DA

Roy Jankielsohn says Premier yesterday renamed the CR Swart Building as Fidel Castro House

Ace determined to Cubanise the Free State

02 July 2015

Premier Ace Magashule’s infatuation with everything Cuban is already costing the Free State more than it can afford. To add injury to insult, Magashule’s determination to Cubanise the province will cost the people of the Free State even more.

Yesterday, Magashule unveiled the new name of the CR Swart Building to Fidel Castro House. We submitted a written question whether all legal steps were followed and whether a public participation process on the renaming of government building have been followed to which Magashule simply replied he is unable to answer the question since he it was not clear which legal steps were to be followed.

Magashule like Zuma enjoy playing fast and loose with the Law of South Africa. But Justice is patient and the time will come where both Magashule and Zuma will account for their dubious ways.

We resubmitted the question referring to the specific legislation to assist him. He has still not replied, but we are not surprised since he is far too busy living a dream of revolutionary romanticism of an era long passed.

No legal, democratic process has been followed in renaming these government buildings and no public participation has been conducted which is in line with the “Cuban Way.”

It is our view that the renaming is illegal and before long Magashule will have to take down the name of Fidel Castro in a manner similar to that of the fall of the Berlin Wall and Communism in 1989.

Magashule also announced that his government will employ 40 mathematics and science teachers out of Cuba. Wesubmitted a written question to the Premier earlier this year specifically about the recruitment of teachers out of Cuba. He did not indicate in his reply that his government will recruit teachers. It now appears that Premier Magashule wilfully mislead the Legislature and the people of the Free State.

The cohort of engineers and medical doctors already recruited to take jobs away from qualified South Africans is costing the province R185 million for the next three years.

Magashule also indicated that his government will travel to Cuba annually to foster relations and recruit Cubans. The last trip he took cost the taxpayer R14 million. He also took with him a 72 person delegation consisting of key government officials, leaving key position of management and leadership in provincial departments and municipalities vacant as they enjoyed their two week holiday.

The ANC and Magashule’s infatuation with Cuba is already costing the Free State people hundreds of millions of Rands. It will now also cost them to remain unemployed while Cubans get nice government jobs paying them salaries of hundreds of thousands of Rands a year. And very soon the children of the Free State will be taught mathematics and science in Spanish.

The DA will not allow the ANC to change this province into a little Cuba. We are gathering information and considering our option to put a stop to this madness. From the Free State come numerous great individuals, from the past and the present, from all communities, worthy of recognition and celebration. We do not have to import name changes from Cuba like the ANC are importing employees.

Statement issued by Roy Jankielsohn, DA Leader of the Official Opposition, Free State Legislature, July 2 2015