Adv Lennit Max joins ANC - ANC WCape

President Ramaphosa is establishing new normal of placing people of SA first, says former DA MEC


I have decided that enough is enough and I can no longer be associated with a political party such as the DA, which regards political agendas, personal egos and self-interest as more important than the lives of our people.

“It is clear that the people of the Western Cape are good enough only to serve as voting fodder for the DA, but not deserving of a safe environment to live in. As a result I am resigning as a member of the DA with immediate effect. I’m taking out membership of the ANC,” Advocate Lennit Max said in a statement.

He said that the election of Cyril Ramaphosa as President had heralded a new dawn for South Africa.

“The President is busy establishing a new normal. A new normal of placing the people of South Africa first, a narrative of inclusiveness, accountability, safety and security. Also appointments are based on a fit for purpose goal, respect for each other and of our oneness as South Africans,” said Advocate Max.

“It is clear to me that President Ramaphosa and the ANC leadership want to ensure that South Africa is better tomorrow than it is today. It is, therefore, now more than ever before, time for good men and women to lend a hand to assist the President and the ANC make South Africa work. We have to support President Ramaphosa and the ANC to avoid a situation where colonialism will come back as certain DA leaders might wish it to do.”

He joined the ANC to contribute to a better and united South Africa. “It is my view that the ANC under the leadership of President Ramaphosa is the only party that can turn around the situation in South Africa. The President has a vision and already set the direction on how South Africa will be governed after the 2019 elections.”

Advocate Max urged all responsible people who love South Africa to heed President Ramaphosa’s Thuma Mina call to stand together, take hands across class, race, gender or religious divides to ensure that South Africa delivers to all its citizens.

A former policeman, Advocate Max is a previous Western Cape Commissioner of Police, DA Member of Parliament, and the immediate past chairperson of the Standing Committee for Cultural Affairs and Sport in the DA-led Western Cape Provincial Parliament.

In July he was appointed special advisor to Police Minister Minister Bheki Cele.

Before his appointment he approached Minister Cele with a plan, and a set of ideas in an attempt to make a contribution to saving lives.

“It is now history that Minister Cele almost immediately afforded me the opportunity to utilise my skills within the Police Ministry in order to make a contribution to a safer Western Cape and South Africa. I am pleased to say that during my four months with the Ministry of Police I am being heard. The newly established Anti-Gang Unit, which was launched on Friday 02 November 2018, by President Ramaphosa is an example.

“The statements issued by Cape Town Mayor Dan Plato (former MEC for Community Safety) and Councillor JP Smith that the establishment of the Anti-Gang Unit is too little too late is regrettable. I would have expected they would appreciate any effort to save lives and offer their support to eradicate crime. The only inference one can draw from their statements is that they would want the status quo (killing of our people) to remain for political gain.

“Crime fighting should not be politicised and there is no place for the different spheres of government to score own goals or to be in competition with each other, but to join hands and to share resources instead,“ said Advocate Max.

Statement issued by ANC Western Cape spokesperson Dennis Cruywagen,  Sunday, 30 December 2018