Agang SA party launch greeted by euphoric welcome

Rally in Tshwane attended by over 5 000 supporters and volunteers from all 9 provinces

Agang SA party launch greeted by euphoric welcome

Dr Ramphele, ‘True freedom for all is within our grasp'.

‘The time has come to lift our gaze and aim higher, to restore the promise of freedom for every South African'.

Agang SA today launched as a political party at a rally in Tshwane attended by over 5,000 supporters and volunteers who came from across the nine provinces of the country.

Dr Mamphela Ramphele, leader of Agang SA, received a rousing reception from the crowds as dignitaries and representatives from South African civil society, business and the international diplomatic community assembled for the gathering at the Tshwane Events Centre.

Dr Ramphele, said:

 "We are here to begin the restoration of the promise of our great nation and to offer the hope of a better future for every South African.

"I see a great future for our country. One in which we finally realise true freedom for all - freedom from poverty, crime and corruption; a job, a home, a life of dignity.

"I am inspired by a burning ambition to aim higher; to expect excellence in education, in healthcare, and policing; to restore integrity to public life and pride to public service; to restore the trust between citizens and their leaders."

Having toured the country listening to the concerns of South Africans she gave voice to their hopes and fears as Agang SA formally launched as an independent political party.

Dr Ramphele said that corruption was at the heart of the problems our country faces today.

"Corruption and a culture of impunity have spread throughout government and society stealing textbooks from classrooms, stealing drugs from those living with HIV and stealing thousands of jobs and billions of rands of investment.

"From rural villages to urban townships, people everywhere tell me that they have been waiting, waiting, waiting," said Dr. Ramphele. "I say that 20 years is too long to wait for decent education, jobs, healthcare, safety and security.

"Leadership begins at the top. The leaders of this current government set an appalling example that others follow. The arms deal, Nkandla, the Guptas, the list of these abuses goes on and on," she said.

"Tackling corruption is central to restoring confidence in our government and our economy. The billions lost today to corruption and waste can help us fire up the economy," she said.

Dr Ramphele unveiled the highlights of Agang SA's key areas of policy thinking to tackle corruption, create jobs and get the economy moving, provide 21st century education and healthcare systems and invest in the police service to ensure that our streets are safe to walk again.

Detailed policy proposals will be the subject of intense consultation within the party and with all sectors of South African society over the coming months. These discussions will inform and shape the party's election manifesto later this year.

Following Dr Ramphele's address, Moeketsi Mosola, Agang's Political Director, led the party in adopting a declaration giving the leadership a mandate to build its structures and develop its policies. Mosola confirmed that Agang SA will fight the 2014 Elections across the country and at national level.


Agang SA's draft policies


We must and we will have a government where there is zero tolerance for corrupt, unethical officials who abuse and violate the public trust.

We cannot afford corrupt officials enriching themselves when millions of South Africans do not have good jobs, decent homes and millions of children go without school books.

Agang SA believes in:

  • Banning government officials and their families from conducting business with the State
  • Passing a whistleblower law that rewards and protects those who expose corruption
  • Beefing up our watchdogs by increasing the budgets of the Auditor General and Public Protector
  • Barring officials found guilty of corruption from running for office, holding government positions or receiving government contracts for five years
  • Creating a culture of transparency in government by requiring MPs and their families to disclose their financial interests to the public.


We need to build an economy that works for all South Africans, not just the previously advan­taged, the powerful or the well-connected.

Agang SA believes we can:

  • Fire up the economy by supporting big and small business and hiring more doctors, teachers and police.
  • Build homes, roads, schools, railways and ports to create jobs and unlock the potential of our economy


All South Africans have a right to a quality education to lift them from poverty and undo the injustices of the past.

Agang SA believes we can:

  • Hire more teachers and raise standards by providing better training and attracting graduates into the profession.
  • Improve the learning environment by making sure all schools have libraries, proper toilets and electricity.


Every South African has a right to quality healthcare irrespective of where they live, their employment status or level of income.

Agang SA believes we can:

  • Make sure public clinics and hospitals work better so that people can access doctors, nurses and drugs they need.
  • Train and hire more doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other health professionals.


South Africans have a right to safe and secure living environments where we can walk the streets without fear and businesses can flourish.

Agang SA believes we can:

  • Create a professional police service that has zero tolerance for brutality.
  • Train, equip and employ more police, raising morale in the ranks and restoring pride to the uniform.

For further information on Agang's draft policy papers around which the party will be consulting in the coming weeks and months, go to www.agangsa.org.za.

Agang SA Campaign Leadership Team

  • Nkosinathi Solomon, Campaign Director
  • Dr Mills Soko, Director of Policy
  • Moeketsi Mosola, Political Director
  • Thabo Leshilo, Director of Communications
  • Zohra Dawood, Director of Fundraising
  • Rorisang Tshabalala, Deputy Director of Field Management

Issued by Agang SA, June 22 2013

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