AgriSA's condemnation of AfriForum commended – Senzeni Zokwana

Minister says organisation intent on stigmatizing the current parliamentary process around land EWC

Minister Senzeni Zokwana commends Agri SA 

14 August 2018

Minister Senzeni Zokwana has commended AgriSA for publicly condemning the Afriforum statement about the so-called list of farms that government plans to expropriate.

Afriforum is so intent in stigmatizing the current parliamentary process around land expropriation without compensation such that peddling of lies,  such as these claims of an existing list of farms to be expropriated by government, is made without shame. This latest confusion by Afriforum following their overseas drive to mobilize negative sentiments against South Africa is an act of sabotage. It is an act against the national interest of the country” said Minister Zokwana.

We call upon all farmer organization, like AgriSA has demonstrated, to work with the government in this crucial time of such parliamentary process. We must isolate Afriforum as any organization of added value on this question. As government, we want to emphasize that the process of amendment of section 25 and the reform process in that nuanced context will not undermine food security and agricultural sector as a critical economic contributor to our country.

We reassure that government will undertake a careful process mindful of all the factors, he concluded.

Issued by Khaye Nkwanyana, Ministry Spokesperon, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, 14 August 2018