Alide Dasnois: Tony Howard's letter to staff

Independent group CEO explains events leading up to replacement of Cape Times editor (Dec 10)

Dear Colleagues

In light of the various coverage in newspapers and on social media over the past few days on the Alide Dasnois I Cape Times matter, it is important that I share with you, for the sake of clarity, that Alide was not dismissed from the Company, but was offered an alternative position within the company which she is still considering. We await her response to this offer.

These discussions centred around the Cape Times- including its general direction and content which has been of concern to senior management for some time. At this meeting in Cape Town on Friday. December 6th at which Dr Surve, myself and Cape Town Senior Management were present, Alide was offered a new editor role as part of the company's envisaged expansion strategies.

During these discussions, concern was also raised regarding the front page of the Cape Times - since on that day almost every media group focussed their content on the passing of former President Nelson Mandela The Cape Times did not do so - and this was viewed as disrespectful to Madiba. I hope the above arrests further speculation on this matter. Tony Howard

Chief Executive

Source: https://twitter.com/AntonHarber/

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