"Allegations against Hlophe: Was Zuma involved?" - Zille

Statement issued by Democratic Alliance May 30 2008

The Constitutional Court Judges' allegation that Judge John Hlophe attempted to improperly influence judges' decisions in respect of Jacob Zuma's court cases shakes the very foundations of our constitutional democracy.

Given the seriousness of the complaint, the DA will do whatever it can to see that these allegations are fully and swiftly investigated by the Judicial Services Commission (JSC), of which DA MP Sheila Camerer is a member. If the JSC confirms that Judge Hlophe abused his position in this way, then he must be dismissed from the Bench and face the full force of the law.

The allegation raises the possibility that Judge Hlophe acted at the behest either of Jacob Zuma or his political allies. This is not implausible given Zuma's numerous attempts to avoid justice to date. The DA will follow this line of questioning at the JSC to ascertain whether or not Zuma or any of his representatives exerted pressure on Judge Hlophe.

We will leave no stone unturned.

Statement issued by the Democratic Alliance May 30 2008