Allegations against Wordsworth High School principal disturbing - Mbali Ntuli

DA Youth Leader says we cannot entrust the future of our country in racist hands

DA Youth requests meeting with Wordsworth High School 

Today a newspaper reported on very disturbing allegations at Wordsworth High school (see here). 

The principal is alleged to have singled out and insulted black high school girls during a school assembly about their hygiene. According to the newspaper the principal forced the girls to wash their hair with dishwashing liquid because it was "greasy."

It would be absolutely unacceptable for young girls to be treated this way. They are in an age when insecurities and self-image issues are rife. Such humiliation in front of their classmates and being made to feel like "dirt" would truly be indefensible. 

To have teachers and principals depict racist attitudes towards learners is very dangerous because by doing so they let the younger generation down. We cannot entrust the future of country in racist hands. 

We as the DA Youth will be requesting to meet the principal and the effected pupils to find out exactly what transpired and what can be done to resolve what happened. 

Statement issued by Mbali Ntuli, DA Youth Leader, November 22 2013

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