Alliance congratulates UP on language policy

ANC led-alliance believes process followed is in line with constitution and the ruling party's efforts to create an integrated, non-racial society

The ANC-led alliance congratulates University of Pretoria’s for an open, transparent and democratic process in adopting a new language policy

24 June 2016

The African National Congress and its alliance partners; the South African Communist Party (SACP), the Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu) and South African National Civic Organisation (Sanco) welcome and congratulates the Pretoria University’s historic and groundbreaking process of adopting a new language policy.

Following two weeks marred by outbreak of violence, anarchy and racial tensions at the University that led to the longest ever shutdown in the history of the University in February this year, the Alliance intervened to stabilize the University.

The Alliance intervention was also as a result of the engagement with the AFRIFORUM, mainly to hear its grievance about the perceived or real undemocratic, exclusive, elitist deal-making by the University on such as sensitive and highly emotional matter.

The ANC-led Alliance recommended that the university follows an all-inclusive, transparent, democratic and open process to develop a new language policy. This was necessary to contribute to social cohesion, non-racialism and stability on campus, and also to avoid real threats of racial violence.

The alliance therefore advised the University to consider the further development of African languages and to deal with the perception that the Afrikaans language was facing an existential threat.  This intervention isolated anarchists, populists, demagogues and fanatics of violence. Since the intervention the university has been stable up to date.

We can only hope that none of the stakeholders participated in the process with predetermined outcomes.

We therefore hope that all stakeholders will accept and welcome the outcome of this inclusive and democratic process.

The Alliance believes that the process followed by UP is in line with the tenets of our constitution and the ANC’s efforts to create an integrated, non-racial society.

Issued by the ANC, SACP, Cosatu, Sanco Gauteng province, 24 June 2016