Allister Coetzee not to blame for Springbok losses - COSATU WCape

Tony Ehrenreich says sacked coach was forced to select old white players

COSATU disappointed by the sacking of Springbok Coach Allistar Coetzee

COSATU is disappointed to hear of the sacking of the Springbok rugby coach, Allister Coetzee. The Springboks have been performing badly over the past few years, and this is due to the lack of real transformation; even Coetzee was forced to select old white players. We fear that this move by SA Rugby will allow the white controlling cabal in rugby to re-assert itself again, moving away from transformation.

COSATU calls for the complete transformation of rugby on all levels, players and administrators included. We also want an end to the corrupt system of giving away all the rights of all South Africans to see their team play, by selling broadcast rights to SUPERSPORT, ensuring that only the rich elite are able to watch rugby.

COSATU calls on the Minister of Sport to urgently intervene and do a major clean up of SA Rugby, and see to it that transformation is implemented from school level at both black and white schools ;and club level as a matter of urgency. This will go a long way in stopping the Stellenbosch Boere Mafia from taking control of rugby in South Africa.

Statement issued by Tony Ehrenreich, Cosatu Western Cape Provincial Secretary, 2 February 2018