Allow sale of exercise equipment – EFF

Fighters say social distancing, lockdown and general stay at home require a healthy mind and heart

EFF calls for Covid-19 lockdown regulations to allow sale of gym equipment

5 May 2020

The EFF calls on government to amend COVID-19 Regulations to allow the sale of gym equipment to ordinary South Africans for home use. Since gyms must remain closed, it is only prudent to permit shops that sell this equipment to be open so people can purchase them for home use.

The conditions of social distancing, lockdown and general stay at home require a healthy mind and heart. The real fight against the COVID-19 disease needs an even healthier mind and heart. Regular home gym, particularly using virtual training programs, is not only necessary but should be encouraged by us all.

Instead of spending energy mobilising the public on unbanning hazardous items like cigarettes and alcohol sale, we should be mobilising for the sale of gym equipment for home use. We need a healthy nation, even under conditions of social distancing and lockdown, this is not an elitist or even middle-class call; it is a call for all our people to take the gym as part of our identity and culture in general.

Let all shops selling gym equipment be allowed to operate so people can purchase these for home use. These shops, like all other retail shops that are allowed operation must also exercise all hygiene precautions like sanitizers, enforce mask-wearing at all times, and other necessary personal protective equipment.

All gyms must remain closed; however, it is time to take the gym to the home front.

Finally, we welcome the opening of book shops under stage 4. Reading is also part of an important habit to keep a healthy mind under conditions of lockdown and general stay at home. Accordingly, we encourage our people to read and become better minds, even when faced with a pandemic of global proportions.

Issued by Vuyani Pambo, National Spokesperson, EFF, 5 May 2020