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Dries Wiese says looting and vandalism will cause enormous damage to our already fragile economy

Anarchy in South Africa

- A clear message to government to change direction — Stop doing the wrong things at the wrong time!

- Peace-loving South Africans will rebuild their country.

We in the Afrikanerbond, like thousands of other South Africans, are deeply disturbed and extremely worried about the current anarchy in large parts of the country. We are experiencing unprecedented levels of crime that are politically motivated.

Together with the current lockdown, the looting and vandalism will cause enormous damage to South Africa's already fragile economy.

In his speech of some 1900 words to the country last night, President Ramaphosa promised, among other things, that law and order would be restored. This is one of the most basic functions of any state, and the situation should never have been allowed to escalate this way. Penetrating questions must therefore be asked about the intelligence capabilities of the government, or the lack thereof.

Address the core of the problem:

- South Africa is now paying a very high price for the ANC's inability to keep its own internal factions in check. The infighting has spilled over into an unprecedented level of crime in the public arena, and South Africa is being held hostage by a criminal mob.

- It is clear that the criminal activity is being incited in the name of Jacob Zuma. The results of state capture of state structures and rampant corruption are now more visible than ever.

- The ANC has indicated that this is a planned unrest. It must be dealt with urgently and with serious consequences for the individuals concerned. Cheap political talk and promises are not going to restore law and order.

The government must stop doing the wrong things at the wrong time!

- Political leadership is lacking in those portfolios responsible for applying and maintaining law and order. Authority figures, and especially Bheki Cele, no longer command any respect. In fact, he is ridiculed by law-abiding citizens, let alone criminal elements. The Cabinet's inability to act effectively, highlighted by the pandemic, has been exposed by the anarchy. It now gives the President a golden opportunity to fill key positions with people who can act with authority and experience and who command respect.

- The government is notorious for doing the wrong thing at the wrong time. It is now time for law and order to be seen to be applied and enforced with a firm grip. It does not help to be politically sensitive to one’s own and the opposition's supporter bases and constituencies.

- South Africa has experienced phases of rioting and crime before in its history. Economic recovery is possible, and it can happen overnight, provided the government lets go of its ideological enslavement and allows businesses, entrepreneurs and minorities to apply their expertise to the benefit of the country in an unhindered fashion.

Together we can restore South Africa

- The major unifying factor in the current crisis is that it is a minority that is looting and vandalising. The greater majority that matter, spread across race and colour boundaries, are those who work hard and are peace-loving.

- Anarchy is threatening our constitutional democracy and must be prevented.

- All South African communities must act calmly, join hands across divides, and help rebuild South Africa.

- While it is the task of the South African Police and Army to enforce law and order, South Africans must secure themselves and their property. Too many people prey on emotions and incite vigilant action, and that is not the solution.

- While we are doing everything necessary to rebuild the country, all South African faith communities should continue to pray for peace and stability for South Africa.

Statement issued by Dries Wiese, Chairperson of the Afrikanerbond, 13 July 2021